My Camino de Santiago packing list

I begin my hike on the Camino de Santiago in just a couple days (I fly out on Tuesday) and today I finally took the time to lay everything out. I’ve been gearing up and researching my equipment for months and everything on this table represents the fruits of my labor.

It’s been a lot of fun doing all the research this trip has required and I’m excited to see it all come together. I feel prepared for what is ahead, even if I have only have 3 changes of clothing for the entire 6 week trip. Every item has a purpose and is the lightest possible version I could find of it. I’ve looked at packing lists that list the weight of everything down to the ounce. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to put all of the stuff on that table into that backpack and go on my merry way. It doesn’t matter what it weighs, I’m carrying it anyway. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

And if you’ve been following along and read my first post, you’ll be pleased to know I will be packing a spork, even though it’s not that cool titanium one. This whole process has been a series of concessions and smart decisions. If that means I take a plastic spork instead of a titanium one, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

Ultreia, peregrinos.

Item # Description
Backpack 1 Osprey Atmos 50
Day pack 1 Adidas drawstring bag
Flip flops 1 pair Teva flip flops
Boots 1 pair Merrell Mid Moab Ventillator
Hiking poles 1 pair Pace maker journey trekking poles
Packing cubes 3 Eagle Creek packables
Rain Jacket 1 Columbia packable jacket
Pants 1 Columbia convertible pants
Shorts 1 Columbia hiking shorts
Sleep shorts 1 Red IU shorts
Underwear 3 pair moisture wicking active
Socks 3 pair Wigwam hiking socks
Knee brace 1 Vive grey slide brace
Buff 1 Green buff
Med Kit 1 lighweight adventure kit
Hat 1 Khaki bucket cap
Shirt 3 moisture wicking t-shirt
Pullover 1 Runner’s black pullover
Button down shirt 1 Columbia hiking button-up
Flashlight 1 mini LED
Carabiner clips 2 Green aluminum
Poncho 1 clear
Towel 1 Microfiber travel towel
Laundry 1 Laundry soap sheets
Rain cover 1 blue w/ drawstring
Water bottle 1 Nalgene 1000 ml
Notebook 1 moleskine
Guidebook 1 by John Brierly
Travel wallet 1 Holds passport/coins/cards/cash
Padlock 1 Orange combination lock
Clothes line clips 5
Sleeping bag 1 compression mummy bag
Camera 1 Fuji X20
Headlamp 1 Yalumi headlamp/ 3 AAA batt
Batteries/charger 2 Fujifilm batteries
Cords assorted
FitBit 1 FitBit flex/cord
Audio recorder 1 Reporter’s recorder
headphones 1 Apple earbuds
iPad/case 1 iPad mini
Power converter 1 USA to Spain plug
toothbrush 1
toothpaste 1
shampoo 1
cleanser 1
contact solution 1
Spare contacts 2 pair
sunscreen 1
bug spray 1
deodorant 1
ear plugs 10

5 responses to “My Camino de Santiago packing list

  1. Wow, the time has flown by since your first post. Looks like you have everything you need…including a spork! Yay sporks! Will you be posting along The Way? I have been considering getting a FitBit for my second pilgrimage and will be interested in hearing about how you like having it on your journey. Buen Camino!


  2. Fitbit! Excellent! I have one too and they are brill..I love the silent alarms that not only alert you when you are to wake up but give you a little reminder when you should wind down for the day 🙂 Buen Camino!


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