Welcome to the Red Parade


Today marks 70 years since Ho Chi Minh declared independence for Vietnam. There are billboards all over Hanoi and red flags with yellow stars have been posted on every shop front, which is a bunch of a flags. A large group of us decided to wake up ridiculously early and head into the city center to watch the parade, along with millions of Vietnamese. The pushing and shoving was all in good fun and the crowd even sat down at one point to allow others to see and to just relax. Try getting a group of revelers in the States to do that. Not happening.

We’re all headed back into the Old Quarter later for the fireworks show over beautiful West Lake. For now, here are my choice shots from the parade and a couple from my first xe om (motorbike taxi) ride. I got one back with my flatmates, Garth and Josh, and shot from the back of it. So much fun.

Cheers, Vietnam.

Mot, hai, ba, YO!

Parade-1 Parade-2 Parade-3 Parade-4 Parade-5 Parade-6 Parade-7 Parade-8 Parade-10 Parade-11 Parade-12 Parade-13 Parade-14 Parade-15 Parade-16 Parade-17 Parade-18 Parade-19 Parade-20 Parade-21 Parade-22 Parade-23


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